Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well today is my first day! I'm new :~} A lot of my friends have been doing this for awhile and I actually tried to set it up February of 2007 but only put two posts so I closed the account. I hope this one goes a little better. With only five days till Christmas I'm sure there are a million and ten other things I should be doing right now! Shocking I know! I did finish my Christmas Cards and got them mailed out with a few boxes. I have been so busy making gifts for people and this year instead of baking many cookies I have made a jar with everything to make your own cookies. I'm not sure how good the recipe is but the Jar sure looks cute! We didn't get our Family Photos done but maybe I will send them out in January. I have started making lists of things I wish to accomplish throughout the week and will see if this helps to get things done? Jared is having his school program at Church tonight so we all need to get dressed and make sure the Camera battery is charged because I know I will take way to many pictures.


joscelyne cutchens said...

noooooooooo, not you take too many pictures ~ hee hee;)