Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thank You...

Well I have been so busy the last few days I have not made it online hardly at all.....So now I'm back and I want to say thank you to a few really great ladies...

First thanks so much Lynn for the award (hopefully I'll get that on here next) and for all your help with the signature thing notice I think it worked....I enjoy your blog a lot and think that your very talented....You should be expecting a package from me soon.....So happy we have become friends.....Thanks again

Second is to Kim she always leaves nice comments on my blog and has also given me an award....I will be getting that one soon two......Thanks so much Kim for being so supportive and nice....You make great projects....You are also very talented and I'm so happy that we have become friends......Thanks again


Kim said...

Kristina you are so sweet! I love being friends with you too!'
Hugs~ Kim

Lynn said...

Awwww your too sweet! Thanks for the great compliments!

Your signature looks awesome!

I'll be sending out a little package for you tomorrow :)

PattiM said...

You do beautiful work... Love your cards... and what a great idea for your copic's.... and wow do you have alot of the color's..... Hope you have a great Friday and weekend....


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