Friday, September 12, 2008

September Card Mingle

This is my September Mingle Card which was a Flower Mingle.....I didn't post it to my blog because I wanted to send it out before I posted so it would be a surprise....I never heard from my partner but it's a been a few weeks so I sure home she received it by now.....As I look at Tilda right now I want to go color.....I have been so busy with the girls in town and try to get projects done which isn't always the easiest thing to do.....I received my Fall Kit yesterday after we got back from Snorkeling and was so excited.....Yet so tired.....I got them cut and ready to stamp but that is about all I have done.....I know I need to get to work.....I am I am....Well I need to run down to the art supply store that I buy my copic markers from because can you believe that I won.....I never win in drawings but I did....Wonder what it could be....Hummm....I will have to let you know.......Well have a great Saturday and happy stamping......
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Kelly Schelske said...

Beautiful Kristina!! I just got my first Copics yesterday, so Ia m excited to give 'em a whirl!! Congratualtions on your win...I never seem to win anything like that either...but you never know, one of these days!! Hugs, Kelly

Kim said...

So cute and adorable! Can't wait to hear what you won! Woo-Hoo! Toot Toot-ing over here in good old WI for you! :)
Hugs~ Kim